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@ Rehabilitate and Exercise Dogs – Robert Benavent Jr.

“R.E.D.® brings awareness and knowledge to all dog owners who want a true companionship with their canine. R.E.D. equips dog owners & family members on how to co-exist with ALL canines, in various known & unknown situations. R.E.D. provides you with the proper education, time, dedication & the WILL to want to understand your canine companion.

Once Robert Benavente Jr. enlightens you about your canine through communication & demonstration, understanding your pet will be limitless!

R.E.D. commits to restoring balance one dog at a time!”

Contact Robert for more information @(702)462-0050 or email him at Robert@redlasvegas.com for a FREE consultation + 25% DISCOUNT on your pet’s training needs, if you mention our name! Be sure to check out his website www.redlasvegas.com

“Habla Español, y sabe muy bien lo que hace! Sin duda, puede ayudarle con su mascota. Su consulta es gratis y si menciona nuestro hospital, le dará un 25% de descuento! Se llama Robert, reserve su cita hoy mismo; La consulta es gratis!”