Types of Boarding Available:

  • Runs: Large & Extra-large
  • Kennels: Large, Medium, & Small
  • Isolation Kennels: Available upon request

Boarding Requirements:

K9 Pets current on the following vaccines:

  • Distemper/Parvo
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
  • Fecal Test
  • Pyrental Dewormer (Optional but recommended)

Feline Pets current on:

  • Feline Distemper
  • Rabies
  • Feline Leukemia and/or Feline Leukemia Test
  • Pyrental Dewormer (Optional but recommended)

Sharing room and board:

  • Multiple pet families can share a Run or Large Kennel as long as pets get along and have sufficient leg room to move around.
  • Sharing a boarding space allows pets to rely on each other’s company and provides a significant boarding discount for pet parents.

TLC Packages Available:

  • TLC Package 1: One 15 minute playtime session = $8.00 a day
  • TLC Package 2: Two 15 minute playtime sessions = $15.00 a day
  • TLC Package 3: Three 15 minute playtime sessions = $22.00 a day

(All TLC Packages are personalized to your pet(s) needs and are completely separate from the standard 3 outdoor potty breaks that each pet receives during their boarding stay. Each TLC package is assigned per pet, per day & you may add as many as you would like during your pet’s boarding reservation.)

**All pets receive a COMPLIMENTARY BATH after 5 boarding days upon request!

Grooming Packages also available:

  • Grooming Package: Bath, Nails, Anal Gland Expression, Ear Cleaning, and Teeth Brushing. (Save $23!)
  • If you would like a hair-cut, you may also schedule a grooming appointment with Penny Jolley’s Pet Salon @ (702)823-9998 next door, during your pet’s boarding reservation!

Bedding, Food, Personal Items:

  • Blankets/towels, bowls, and food are provided by our hospital. However, it is highly recommended that the pets’ own food is provided by parent (to avoid upsetting the pet’s stomach upon abrupt change).
  • Personal items: Any personal item (beds, blankets, t-shirt, toys, treats, etc.) is welcomed and may help your pet(s) feel less stressed during their stay.

Additional Services during Boarding Reservation:

  • You may choose to get your pet up-to-date on your pet’s vaccines, dental cleaning, grooming services, etc.
  • You may also choose to authorize any medical treatment your pet may require during his time at the hospital such as but not limited to: any chronic condition (ear infections, full anal glands, seasonal allergies, etc.)
  • Medication administration is provided at a small additional cost.*

Pick-up and drop off schedules:

  • A drop-off and pick-up time will be schedule to avoid an extended wait time during each transaction.
  • Please be advised that a Boarding Release Form will always be required at time of drop off.


  • *100% at time of drop-off or
  • *50% at drop-off and 50% at pick up time

Caring Hands Animal Hospital accepts payment via Cash and the following Credit Cards*

  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Care Credit

*A small credit card transaction fee is applied. *[American Express and Checks are NOT accepted.]

**Pets are walked 3 times a day and their boarding area is cleaned every time! Our staff understands that every pet is different and those who may require any extra love and patience is provided at *no additional cost! (*Please note: Any aggressive pet that may put another pet or staff member at risk, will incur in an additional fee.)